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Ballade on Springtime: Nature – Part 1

What is the sign of the coming morn? The smell of dew on the fields – is the sign. We hoped, and the promise came – how wonderful is that smell of dew, after the morning rain. 

I draw a lot of my inspiration from nature, and so Fermare really has nature at its heart.


The first Fermare spring collection is inspired by the theme of Nature. The collection is released in 2 parts, the first at the start of 2021 during the final days of the spring summer season, and the second to be released at the end of the upcoming 2021 winter.

The collection features beautiful floral prints with flowing skirt lines; as well as light and playful tiers and cascades. Focusing on the theme of nature, Part 1 explores open hills and fields – full of flowers and green green grass. The collection invites you to imagine and experience the freedom these wide open expansive fields bring. The main inspiration comes from one of my favourite quotes:

“….why do you worry about the rest? Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labour or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you…”

Open Field 3
The collection follows the form of a musical ballade, a narrative story told in the medium of musical notes. But instead of musical notes – I am going to compose my story in dress fabric:) A ballade is a beautiful piece of music, usually written for piano, that takes you on an incredible journey. You just have to close your eyes and listen, let your imagination interpret the story, and a picture starts to emerge – of life, of love, of loss. A calm lyrical introduction usually introduces the listener to the theme, the theme is repeated and expanded, a picture then begins to emerge, then suddenly the restraint and dignified prose disappears – and you are thrust towards an increasingly turbulent tempo filled with passion and sorrow. That’s the feeling I get when I listen to Chopin’s Ballade No1 anyways haha.

Chopin’s 4 Ballades for piano are some of my favourite piano pieces, I used to love playing Ballade No 1 – since it always reminded me of the film, the Pianist. The ending scene was just so full of emotion and a sense of foreboding, you just can’t help but be absorbed into it. I’d definitely recommend the Pianist, if you haven’t watched it already. Now I also want to watch it again^^.

Plus, I totally feel for popcorn right now:P

Man, movies are the best right, you can just be lazy on the couch with popcorn, and a comfy blanket.

Anyways, side note over haha:D Now where was I?:)


The Ballade on Springtime collection tells the story of nature through our senses.


Ballade on Springtime Part 1 – Moonlight Illuminates a Field of Flowers

The night is dark, nothing can be seen – yet hidden in the dark is something which wishes to be seen, an open field of flowers. The clouds in the night sky are like walls of a fortress – fierce and strong it stands between us. Like blind men we stumble through the dark, but the light that was promised – when the moon was born, reassures our weary hearts. And through hope, a slight crack appears. The integrity of the fortress walls gives way – and suddenly, it opens, and a stunning ray of light shoots through the once foreboding sky. When we once thought we were lost, blind, wondering in a barren hostile land – the truth was revealed. We were the whole time here, in a beautiful field of flowers.


Ballade on Springtime Part 1 – The Smell of Dew on the Fields

The night draws to an end, and our vision slowly regains. The winter was long, yet our unfailing hope had remained – and the promise we longed for, has finally arrived. The ground wakes up, rising with new life – slowly it wakens, a new morning has arrived. There were times we thought we could not make it through the night, there were times of sorrow and times of blight. What is the sign of the coming morn? The smell of dew on the fields – is the sign. We hoped, and the promise came – how wonderful is that smell of dew, after the morning rain. 


by Warrick Kin


Moonlight Illuminates a Field of Flowers (2021),

In Floral Rayon

The first in the Part 1 collection is a beautiful moody black dress, with beautiful florals that shoot out at you as though it were illuminated by moonlight. 

A flowing double flounce at the hem is inspired by the beautiful layering of a Lily flower – and the neckline as well, is done in a heart-shaped cut – in such a way to mimic the budding of a flower. 

The garment is given the Adagio description, as it is a slow beautiful piece – it is majestic and timeless. A dress meant to stand the test of time.

The Smell of Dew on the Fields (2021),

In Floral Chiffon

The second garment in the collection of Part 1 is a stunning full length dress. It is fresh and beautiful – and its softness and reverie reminds one of a beautiful morning when the sun just rises. 

It is done in a double tiered skirt with full fullness at the bottom. The layering of the skirt and position where the gatherings start, reminds one of a Gentian flower. The white trim accents on the garment were done through inspiration of dew on the fields. 

The garment is given the description of Andante Cantabile, as it is a very beautiful piece that sings – it is light and fresh and full of joy. It is a dress meant for you to spin around and dance in.

Rest here a while, and enjoy this moment.

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