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One of the main goals of Fermare was to reduce the space, the space that separates the designer from the wearer. In the fashion industry today, designers and customers have lost that essential human connection that was so profound in years long past.  With much of the online retail today, the act of purchasing has become so impersonal – and that is sad because it really doesn’t have to be. The internet has a great power to connect; and I’m endeavouring to do just that.  What I want to bring back is the type of fashion where the consumer is not just a consumer, but instead can actively engage directly with the designer and foster a real relationship. I want to cut down the barriers and give something personal to those who enjoy and wear my designs. 

Private message me anytime with any questions or thoughts, I’d love to get to know my customers!:)

If you’d like to get into the head of the designer, I really recommend reading my blogs – and if you enjoy them, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you when I can:)