Designer Collection

The Fermare Designer Collection is our signature line featuring beautifully crafted garments designed and handmade in our Atelier by the artist/ Couturier. Featured in the designer collection is the Permanent Collection, a series of mini collections available year round; and the seasonal collections, released per season.

Seasonal collections are designed with a specific season in mind, but that does not mean they have to be worn in that season only. Seasonal collections are available year round, and are not limited in how you decide to wear them and when.

Permanent Collection

The Fermare permanent collection is comprised of a series of studies which delves into the discipline of fine couture sewing and bias-cut dressmaking. The specific purpose of the collections is to focus on mastery of unique and rare couture techniques to elevate a simple garment of modest form to a garment that can be appreciated, as art is appreciated. The studies explore the relationship between, form and structure of a garment, and the physical sensation involved with wearing of the garment. In essence, I am trying to perfect beautiful construction as well as create an effortless, soft and adagio experience of wearing.  

Seasonal Collection

The Fermare Seasonal Collection is a series of limited mini-collections available year round until each collection’s garments are sold. The garments in these collections are hand numbered and are limited edition collector pieces, unique in terms of the fabric and cut. Each collection focuses on specific themes, ideas and inspirations and are titled accordingly.

Read the stories behind the Collections below.


Bias Cut Study Opus 1

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Ballade on Springtime Pt.1

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